Customer Testimonials

"I called extra-early but was greeted with a happy, upbeat, "can-do" attitude. My information was taken despite the store not being quite open yet and I was called back with the order information - again with a great, happy attitude. To cap it all off, my product was shipped today! I'm a very happy customer."
Laminating Rewards
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Free Laminating Supplies for Schools


ENTER to Win Free Laminating Supplies!

Times are tough and schools are suffering.  We would like to offer up a laminating supply freebie to one lucky school in the USA.

1. Sign Up Before the End of the Month

Fill out the form online or email us your details including:
School Name

Your Name

Email Address

Phone Number

And some info about the types of laminating supplies your school uses.

Send to

2. Random Drawing of Winning School

The winning school will be selected through a random drawing.  The school can choose to receive a box of roll laminating film (2 Rolls) or a box of 3 mil Letter Size Laminating Pouches each month for the rest of the year!


School must be an accredited, public, elementary - high school located in the United States.