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"Thank you for your quick shipping, I received my package today and I am very happy with the quality of the product, as well as the speed of delivery and customer service your company has provided. I will be purchasing my laminate materials from from now on!" - Satisfied Customer, Barbara B.
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We carry low cost laminating pouches! Our thermal laminating sleeves come in various card and sheet size precut film pouches with one edge sealed. Our laminating pouches are a low cost, economical option comparable with GBC, Scotch, 3M, IBICO and other brands available at major retail stores. These heat seal laminating pockets can be used in any hot laminator machine and are easy to use as they are pre-cut to size with one sealed edge. Be sure to check the maximum mil thickness your paper laminating machine can handle before purchasing your laminating pouches! When you're looking for the best quality laminating pouches at the best price.... Buy Lamination is your source since 1986!


  • Select Pouch By Size

    The list below is arranged smallest to largest, measuring the top edge of the pouch.  No matter your laminatng needs, we have a pouch for you. We carry many different sizes of standard card size laminating film pouches in 5 mil, 7 mil and 10 mil thickness and larger size pouches include 3 Mil thickness in additional to 5 mil, 7 mil and 10 mil. Thermal laminating film pouches are used in hot pouch laminator machines to laminate all types of documents. Our quality lamination pouches are the best!  Pre-cut to size and sealed on one edge for ease of use. Our universal laminating pouches fit in all brands of standard laminating machines and are comparable to GBC, IBICO, Scotch, 3M and other brands of pouches available at office retail stores. Lamination pouches are sold in boxes of 100 (10 Mil has 50 in larger sizes) or cases of 1000 (10 Mil has 500 of larger sizes). Bulk pouch orders receive HUGE additional discounts from our already low cost.  ADD A SLOT TO ANY POUCH! $10 Per 100 Pouches. Slotted pouches are not returnable. Please verify you have selected the correct side you want punched before placing your order.

  • Select Pouch By Thickness

    Our laminating pouches are arranged below based on the thickness of the laminating film used in the lamination pouch.  Laminating thickness is measured in mils.  A mill is equal to 1/1000 of an inch (.001).  Our laminating pouches are available in 3 mil, 5 mil, 7 mil and 10 mil.  Each pouch consists of two laminating sheets, sealed on one edge. Each laminating sheet is equal to displayed mils so a complete pouch is twice the thickness.  For instance, a 5 mil laminating pouch consists of 2 sheets of 5 mil laminating film for a total of 10 mils or .010 inches thick.  The thicker the laminating film, the sturdier and more protective the lamination will be.  The thinner the laminating film, the less expesnive it will be. 

  • BULK Laminating Pouches

    We are a supplier of popular standard sheet and card size thermal laminating film pouches by the case at hot, wholesale laminating supply to the public pricing. Cases of 1000 bulk pouches available in 3 mil, 5 mil, 7 mil and 10 mil lamination thickness. If you would like one of our other heat seal lamination pouch sizes at wholesale prices, please use our custom quote form to request pricing. Get discount laminating supplies online when you buy bulk laminating pouches at Buy Lamination! PLEASE NOTE: No special promotions apply to case pricing unless specified in the promotion.

  • Buy 3 and Save

    Save even more on select sizes of laminating pouches - When you buy three boxes, you save 50% automatically.  No coupon needed. Free shipping over $50!

  • Matte Laminating Pouches

    Matte laminating pouches provide a high quality, low glare laminated product. Our universal matte lamination pouches can be used in any thermal laminator machine. Matte laminating pouches also provide a writable or dry erase surface.

  • Colored Laminating Pouches

    Color back laminating pouches add that extra POW to your laminations.  Available in Red, Yellow, Blue, Green and White with clear laminating film on the other side of of the pouch.  Available in many sizes and color combos.

  • Sticky Backed Laminating Pouches

    Sticky backed lamination pouches have a clear gloss side and a peel off adhesive side that allows you to create laminated signs and labels of all sizes.

  • Magnetic Laminating Pouches

    Create your own custom magnets! Quick and easy with our magnetic laminating pouches! Simply insert your print into the pouch, then run it through a thermal pouch laminator to seal your image onto the magnet.  Available in multiple sizes with a clear gloss or satin film.